26 March 2012

A subtle, but distinct, difference

In case you'd forgotten, this is supposed to be a blog about renovation.  Sometimes I get sidetracked by new and exciting things.  I apologise.

Over the past couple of weekends doors have been hung by the joiner.  If you want a door with glass panels at the top that's quite cheap and off the shelf, it either has to be trendy or swirly twee.  We went for trendy in the kitchen.  I love it, but hubby isn't sure.  What do you think?

Here are the dogs modelling how the doors work in case you were unaware.  I've just discovered that Bobby is not afraid of Blackberry photos as they don't make an apparently terrifying noise when you turn them on.

Curtain poles have been put up too...

But one little dog is obsessed with the fact that only one door leads to the outside.  He's waiting by it in the third picture.  We assured him that once we'd put the curtain poles up, we'd go through the door and into the woods.
The poles took too long, he got depressed...

Really depressed...

This is why we rarely take the dogs with us when there's work to be done.
(Frankie did get his romp in the forest.  My camera stayed in my pocket as I was too buoyed along by his enthusiasm to stop and take pictures.)

BUT, as ever with a renovation, there seems to have to be a setback.

A shockwave caused by removing a knot in the wood in the door adjoining the bedroom and bathroom broke twelve of the tiles on the bathroom wall.  We have some spares (only thanks to the eBay seller accidentally sending us too many), so that side doesn't matter too much, but we now have to get the tiler back to remove and replace them, which will cost us extra money.

Luckily the sun is shining, it's warm and the birds are singing.  I think if this had happened in rainy January I would have had a rather different take on it.


  1. I think from the back, your doggies look a whole lot like little cows! And oh, what a sad couple of photos are those by the door! Poor thing.

    Love the woodwork in your kitchen and I am SO green with envy over your Belfast sink! We considered putting one in, but felt with the three of us, and the cats, stainless steel was the way to go. I wonder now.

  2. Your sink looks great, I love mine, a drop of bleach once a week keeps it looking fresh. I like glazed doors, we installed them here, 2 clear glass, one etched for the "loo".
    it's all looking fabulous, I bet you can't wait to move in!!

  3. I like the door in the kitchen, and I do so like that floor....

  4. Ever since my 15 year old cat, Joe, finally discovered that he could go out on the patio (he's always stayed indoors from the time he was just a itty bitty kitten), he bugs me constantly to let him out. Constantly! And with cats, you end up being the door butler - out; no, in; no, out . . .

    After a while I ignore him and just keep him outside until I decide he comes back in (there is a 6 foot fence all the way around so he doesn't go strolling through the neighborhood, too).

    Fortunately (or unfortunately) cats don't have expressive faces like dogs, so no sulking.

  5. I love your floors and your dogs. Not sure which I'm more envious of!

  6. It's all looking really good Dan, I like the glazed door. We have one on the downstairs loo. We had it made and it rubs along happily with our original cottage doors with their Suffolk Thumb Latches. We had a handle made for it called, I think a 'Penny End' in a black bees watch finish which again goes well.

    Love your floor too!


    PS Don't mind you posting about anything you want to!

  7. The kitchen looks really great. It all looks so new and clean and perfect. Isn't it lovely to have the sunshine flooding through windows. The photographs of the old kitchen show just how much you have done and how wonderful you have made it.
    Glad you like the froggy photo. x

  8. I like the door. I also like the cool old radiators. They were in a house I grew up in. Most newer houses here have replaced them with forced air vents, which I hate. If you're going to remove your radiators for something modern, please don't tell me. :)

  9. i can feel the dogs' angst all the way over here. poor dears. I like the door. what is "twee?" is that english for fussy?

  10. I did of course mean 'bees wax' finish!

  11. Hi Dan loving the pic of Frankie looking depressed bless him. How lovely do the chicks look? Will be sneaking the choccy egg from Charlotte's when she goes out. Great picture of the security guards, dont blame them regurgitating the "bricks" I gave them for lunch.

  12. It's all looking fabulous! And maybe we will see more pics of Bobby now that he is over "Blackberry picture shyness"??